tALk active

Signing up with a new fitness class can be, well, daunting: Is it for people like me? What will I need? And… am I going to make a fool of myself?

tALk active is a collective of fitness trainers under the leadership of Yorkshire health promoter Anne Little. In this video, the team take on the questions many would-be fitness participants agonise over. The message is simple: getting fit can be easy – and a lot of fun!

What they wanted:

  • Video for customer support

    Create a video to show what happens at Zumba dance fitness classes.

  • Video for search

    Create a video to help attract search traffic to the website.

What we did:

  • Strategy

    Assess digital and video marketing activity in Yorkshire dance and fitness sectors.

  • Creative plan

    Create video format around keywording that could be optimised to bring traffic to the site – in effect a video FAQs encased in a Zumba dance routine; interview guide script, storyboard and schedule.

  • Shoot and edit

  • Implementation

    Devise streaming host and platform strategy; code and upload to video streaming hosts.

What they said:

“Absolutely loved working with Simon. He’s amazingly patient and his attention to detail is incredible – a real professional! I’m pretty camera shy and don’t like seeing myself on video – but Simon was great and put me and my team completely at ease.

“The video really helped increase visits to our website and FB page. I intend working with Simon again soon on another project.”

Anne Little, tALk active