Make Your Customers Your Cheerleaders!

User reviews are frequently targeted in online search queries. Word-of-mouth endorsement by satisfied customers is one of the most powerful sales tools you can deploy. Testimonial videos turbocharge this impact.

In front of a video camera, people’s sincerity about their views and opinions is unmistakable. Their enthusiasm for your products, your customer care, your after sales service, the attitude of your staff is immediately recognised by viewers. Testimonial videos can provide a rocket-fuelled boost to your business.

Worried your customers will be unwilling to go in front of a camera and talk about your business? You shouldn’t be. Many of your best customers will be happy to share their positive feelings about your products and services. It’s a win-win opportunity: they’re supporting you with their statement; you’re linking your site visitors to their site and their business.

Have you ever looked at a glowing written review and wondered who actually wrote it? That thought won’t occur to your site visitors once you’ve captured the genuine warmth of your customers’ feelings in a testimonial video!