Show Your Product Changing Peoples’ Lives!

Product videos on your YouTube channel can drive new traffic directly to a landing page for your product on your own ecommerce website!

Product videos work! The evidence is in (see here and here + many others): people are overwhelmingly more likely to buy your product if they’ve seen it demonstrated on video.

Why? Because moving pictures and sound convey so much more information about a product, what it does, how it works and what benefits it brings than photographs or text ever can. According to Invodo’s latest summary of video marketing statistics, four times as many shoppers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. They expect video to be part of their online shopping experience. Studies show the simple presence of a video on a product page (whether the video is viewed or not) will significantly increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Product videos can take a wide variety of forms, depending on which part of your prospective customer’s journey they are intended to target – from awareness, through purchase and on to customer support. They can come from different sources: user-generated (reviews, ‘unboxings’); created in partnership with established YouTube stars (‘my haul’, ‘my empties’); or brand-created (classic product videos, product feature videos, tutorials). Many campaigns contain a mix of content types. Ultimately the creative plan for your campaign will depend on the nature of your product or service and the content strategy for your brand.

clip from American Look Prelinger Collection PD

Drive traffic with YouTube’s FREE interactive tools

YouTube is the world’s second biggest search engine (after Google) and the goto source for anyone seeking video content in the ‘how-tos’, tutorials and product demo categories. And that makes it a brilliant platform to reach out to new business. But it’s amazing how many brands commission expensive, professionally-made video content, post it on their YouTube channel, then completely neglect to tie it in with their other online resources including their own websites!

At the most basic level, the description field on your YouTube video settings page can link directly to your own website or a landing page URL, as well as carry a host of valuable SEO metadata. But why not make use of YouTube’s interactive video tools to allow viewers to click straight from your YouTube video to your own site? As long as your YouTube account is verified and in good standing, that’s a single click conversion that’s completely free! And we’ll happily set it up for you.