Grow Your Team’s Skillset!

Learn how to plan, shoot, edit and upload your own video content.

Do-it-yourself video is a great tool for social media marketing. webcine offers cost-effective, practical tuition to familiarise clients with the online video landscape and develop a systematic approach to planning, executing and distributing their own video content.

webcine training workshops:

  • Video Content Strategy

    Learn how to plan video content for your organisation

  • Video Production Skills

    Learn how to plan, shoot and upload your own video content

All our workshops are bespoke, designed in the context of your existing marketing strategy to help participants generate practical projects which will bring immediate benefits for your organisation.

Each workshop lasts one day and takes place on your premises. The equipment and software used will consist of your own mobile phones and IT along with widely used downloadable apps for video editing and sharing.

The price per participant on each course is £99.00. Discounts are available for group bookings.

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Video Content Strategy workshop

Plan your organisation’s video content strategy!

This is a practical workshop. The goal of the course is to draw up a workable plan of action based on a systematic approach. The workshop content is:

  • Video in your content marketing mix

    What online video can and can’t do. Your existing content mix. Your marketing goals.

  • Who are you talking to?

    Your ideal customers: Who are they? What are they looking for? What social media platforms do they use? What do you know about their online behaviour?

  • How will your audiences find your content?

    Keywords, SEO, search responsiveness, video and different social media platforms.

  • Your video content strategy

    Using your customer data to design video projects which will be found by and engage the audiences you want to reach.

  • Implementation

    Campaigns and hosting platforms.

Video Production Skills workshop

Shoot video content for your organisation!

This is a practical workshop. The goal of the course is to walk participants through the entire process of simple video production from concept to distribution, using everyday equipment and readily available software. The workshop covers:

  • The creative concept

    What platform are we working on: your website, YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Instagram? What is the format? Who is the audience and what do they want to see?

  • Treatment and storyboard

    What is the visual structure of the piece? How’s it going to work on the screen? What shots need to be obtained?

  • Planning the shoot

    Scene and shot list, personnel, talent, equipment, locations, admin.

  • The shoot

    As per treatment

  • After the shoot

    Edit, code and upload to relevant social media platform.

  • Review

    Evaluate the process and identify issues to improve.