Plan for Success!

Content marketing: techno babble, or black art? It’s neither, but it’s important to get it right. webcine’s online video consultancy can help you work out the most cost-effective role for video in your content strategy.

Digital marketing can transform the way businesses operate and the underlying principle is very simple: Understand the relationship between the content on your website (words, pictures, video, design) and the way search engines work – and use the internet to bring your customers to you.

The key is building a unified content strategy that plays to the strengths of the different media you use (words, images, video). It also has to match the overall Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy of your site. Making these two plans work together is what will ensure the most rewarding browsing experience for your visitors and your potential customers. The SEO brings visitors to your site; the content is what they experience when they arrive there. The quality of the experience you deliver on your site will be recognised by search engines (through visitor behaviour and website analytics) and rewarded with higher page rankings and more traffic.

Video’s special ability to capture and hold attention can make it a decisive element in your content mix. Use our online video consultancy to gain key insights into the roles that video content can best play in your overall content plans. Our analysis will help you understand the competition you face in your digital trading environment and we can advise on video content and delivery strategies to achieve your goals within your budget. Take the guesswork out of decision-making and make the most cost-effective use of your resources!