Talk to Your Customers!

Customer support videos that address key FAQs in your business sector can be optimised to draw extra traffic, including new business, through the support pages of your site.

What information do customers routinely seek from your business? And from your competitors in the same sector? If you have a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or similar page, the answer may be on your website already.

A video that delivers clear responses to these questions will help win ranking advantage for your support pages over your competitors’. And that means that you can draw traffic to your site that might otherwise have gone to your competitors. Customer service videos that feature members of your customer-facing team will help create a strong sense of accountability, know-how and friendliness.

And online video can be a great way to keep in touch with your existing customer base. It can help build trust in your customer support functions and nurture long-term client relationships.

clip from Arizona Internet Archive CC BY 2.0