Tell Your Brand Story

Thank goodness! The traditional corporate video is dead. It’s been killed off by the internet. Welcome to the world of branded video content!

Who owns the digital viewing space?

The day when people would watch a whizz-bang corporate video about your brand’s values and achievements has gone forever. Internet search has taken control of the online viewing space away from advertisers and given it instead to consumers.

People go online now to answer specific questions about everything from products or services that will solve their problems, to news and information about what’s happening in their neighbourhood or work place, or for leisure and recreation. And it’s their search queries and online behaviour, taken all together, that give us the raw data for all digital marketing.

The content marketing opportunity

You can use that data to profile your customer personas and identify online communities whose interests match with your commercial activities. This gives you the opportunity to create content for your website that delivers the information or entertainment needs of your target interest groups (to win trust and engagement) and align those interests with the brand values and identity of your business. And according to Google, using online video to tell brands’ stories is winning audiences across YouTube. People choose to watch brands’ video marketing messages if they tell great stories.

clip from Western Film Scenes Internet Archive CC BY 2.0

Google’s Video Content Framework:

Google’s own research identifies a framework of three types of video content (Help, Hub and Hero) for successful content strategies to replace the traditional corporate video approach:

  • ‘Help’ content shows audiences how to engage with their product, brand or category. Product demos, tutorials and how-to videos are great examples of the Help content every brand needs;
  • ‘Hub’ content is about the values and passions the brand shares with its consumers. The content can draw from other marketing programs such as sponsorships or partnerships with YouTube stars. Think Red Bull, Nike;
  • ‘Hero’ content builds around the major events in a brand’s marketing calendar, such as big product launches and ‘tentpole’ moments.