Show What Your Team Can Do!

Case study videos can be digital marketing gold, pulling in prospective clients who’ve gone online to find solutions for their own particular pain points.

Video case studies build trust in your business by showing how your specific products or services have worked for other clients. And the simple narrative form of a case study – telling the story of the customer’s journey from problem to strategy to solution – is ideally suited to video.

A well-told customer story, rich with shared personal experience and visual detail, puts your expertise on show in a natural and compelling way. Video case studies enable your prospective clients to imagine themselves enjoying the benefits your product provides.

And it’s not just the value of third party endorsement working for you. Actually seeing your product working in a practical application will help other potential customers justify their own purchasing decisions.

The great appeal of video case studies is that every customer’s experience is unique and no two case studies will ever be the same. The benefits of your products or services are highlighted in engaging, original, human stories which will set you apart from your competitors and which your potential customers will want to watch.

clip from Biplane Stunt Flying Internet Archive CC BY 2.0

SEO Tip for Video Case Studies:

Case study videos will benefit from highly specific or ‘long-tail’ keywording (which means they will target your audience’s interests even more accurately). This is because every case study is a story about how an individual customer has used a specific product or service to solve a specific problem. And what has worked for the customer whose story your case study features will work for others who are online, looking for solutions to the same issue.

Fresh content with keywords relevant to your products or services can improve your website’s visibility on searches where those words are used. And the story structure of case studies makes it easy to build in keywords that boost Google rankings for specific searches.