Holmfirth Events

Holmfirth Events is a digital marketing phenomenon. It was set up by local entrepreneur Kerry Sykes as an online listings service for the distinctive Yorkshire community. By diligent SEO work and constant refreshment and expansion of the site’s content, Kerry has grown the site to over 90,000 visits a month.

This series of four videos was commissioned to improve visitor experience on the site and harness the SEO benefits of video for four key sections of the site: visitor attractions in Holmfirth, eating and drinking in the town, visitor accommodation and shopping.

What they wanted:

  • Video for engagement

    A series of videos to give website visitors an enjoyable glimpse of the distinctive character of the Holme Valley.

  • Video for search

    Four specific videos, each of which could be optimised for internet search for specific keywords relating to a specific section of the website.

What we did:

  • Strategy

    Survey client’s and competitors’ existing digital and video marketing activity; devise a video content and video SEO strategy to achieve the website objectives.

  • Creative plan

    Develop a format concept: ‘Tell us what you love about Holmfirth’, using candid comments from residents and visitors to highlight the town’s attractions across the different sections of the site.

  • Shoot and edit

  • Implementation

    Devise streaming host and platform strategy; create SEO materials; code and upload to video streaming hosts.

What they said:

“Holmfirth Events needed some lovely video footage of Holmfirth to show what a beautiful town it is, alongside people’s accounts of what makes them love Holmfirth too. Webcine were absolutely brilliant, a real gem to deal with, very professional and with a real desire to make sure the results were stunning. They did the work quickly and efficiently and the end product speaks for itself, simply beautiful.

“The videos have helped us promote the town and the lovely people within it, and will be there for a long time for many people to see.”

Kerry Sykes