Golcar Lily Day

Golcar is an ancient village in West Yorkshire’s Colne Valley and became an important centre for weaving during the Industrial Revolution. A Golcar Lily is someone who was born or lives in Golcar and Golcar Lily Day is an annual celebration of village life.

A recent tradition of the festival is making tree cosies – knitted art pieces used to decorate trees in the churchyard of St John’s and around the village centre.

What they wanted:

  • Video

    Create a video to explain for website visitors the meaning and importance of the festival.

  • Marketing reach

    Increase the visibility of the website to search engines and attract greater traffic.

What we did:

  • Strategy

    Research the community and the festival to find a visual storyline to engage viewers and fulfil the SEO and informational aims of the brief.

  • Creative plan

    Identify tree cosies story; identify and brief participants; devise interview guide, storyboard and schedule.

  • Shoot and edit

    Film interview and location footage; edit.

  • Implementation

    Devise streaming host and platform strategy; code and upload to video streaming hosts.

What they said:

“The finished film exceeded all my expectations. I was particularly glad that you decided to focus on the tree knitters… The decorated trees are something everyone can see and enjoy.

“Listening to Susan and Andrea talk about their own involvement made me realise again just how important this day is. Your professional and interested approach brought out things that I had never appreciated about the work they do so willingly.”

Sue Starr, Golcar Lily Day