Storytelling to Engage

Are you looking for the smartest, most cost-effective and responsive online video production service out there?

Why do our videos look different?

In a word, storytelling.

Storytelling with sound and pictures is the engine of our creative process. Why? Because storytelling is the best way to capture an audience. Everyone has a built-in radar for stories and, from childhood onwards, storytelling and story-hearing is how people learn about the world. People love stories. Information that is part of a story is easy to remember because the story is the setting in which the information makes sense. And because it makes sense, we remember it. Stories told in video invite your audiences to identify with the people they see on the screen and share the emotions they experience. Storytelling builds trust. And it’s the same with your business: if you want to seed information or ideas, plant them in a story that will make your intended audience engage and care.

So what is our creative process? It’s very simple:

  1. Understand your marketing message.
  2. Understand your audience and their online search behaviour.
  3. Identify the story that’s going to be relevant to your audience’s search criteria and carry your marketing message.
  4. Find the storytellers who will bring your story to life.
  5. Craft and place your story to fit the search behaviour of your audience (so they’ll find it) and ensure that it delivers the answers your audience is looking for.

Not many people go online looking for advertising; most people hate advertising on the internet. People go online to find information they can trust and believe in. And one of the key things they are looking for is content that feels authentic. So the stories we tell have to be authentic, honest and real. And that has a big effect on the way they look. Audiences recognise and engage more readily with:

  • Real people, who are part of the story, rather than professional presenters or actors;
  • Real words, as spoken naturally by real people, rather than professional copywriting;
  • Real emotion, as felt and shown by real people, rather than play-acting;
  • Real, true, stories, rather than make-believe scenarios;
  • Real images, sound and visual transitions that reflect natural human perception, rather than clever audio-visual effects;
  • Music that supports the story rather than defining it. Nothing signals ‘promotional’ more strongly than the wall-to-wall aspirational soundtracks common on traditional corporate video – the signal to most internet users for ‘Hit the back-button now!’

And that’s why our videos look different.

Where we come from…

Our background is TV. We’ve spent years making prizewinning documentaries for audiences on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and for global television brands such as National Geographic, WGBH, CBC, NGK, Antenne2 and others.

How does that work for online video? It’s a great fit. The qualities that win a documentary an audience of millions on primetime TV are the same as you need to capture an audience online:

  • Great storytelling to engage the imagination;
  • Relevance to the audience’s interests;
  • A trusted documentary style;
  • Information-rich content with real takeaway value;
  • Broadcast-quality production;
  • A visually appealing format.

Our broadcast expertise equips us to meet every production need from the simplest of tasks to the most challenging. We know how to coax great content from people who never thought they would be able to talk in front of a camera. We know how to plan productions to meet the exacting quality standards and schedules of broadcast TV. And we’re used to working within tight budgets and finding creative ways to make your money go further.

If your project needs it, we can get you some of the world’s best documentary camera operators, editors, directors and creative technicians. Or we can complete your project with in-house resources and our own inventory of broadcast spec equipment.

And you have the assurance of knowing that we’ve handled technically-complex shoots in some of the world’s most extreme locations.

Our promise

How much will my online video cost?

It depends what you want to do. Our basic shoot, edit and encode package to create simple video clips for upload to the internet in full HD starts at £200.

Our aim is to put your budget on the screen. And do it again, time after time. Our overhead is small; we’re not an agency with a big office and a payroll to match. We’re nimble, responsive, light on our feet. Our goal is to build a strong business by building strong client relationships.

Our costing process is 100% transparent and we’ll work with you to achieve the most cost-effective solution that meets your needs. We’ll never push for a creative approach that is more complex or costly than the job requires.

Our quality-for-price offer is outstanding.  If you can find anyone who offers the same technical and creative quality at a better price, we’ll beat it.